Kestävä kehitys

Responsible Care

For companies and brands to be successful for more than 60 years - just as SONAX has been - many factors need to interact well in the long run. Right from the beginning, which dates back more than 100 years, the group has been characterised by acting with a sense of responsibility towards the society and environment. As modern and international enterprise, we particularly focus on all issues having considerable impact on the objectives of sustainability and success.

Environmental Care

Product developments and business processes are consistently directed towards protection and conservation of natural resources. SONAX GmbH is committed to honouring its responsibility to the environment and society. This standard is emphasised by the active participation in the industry-wide initiative "Responsible Care". SONAX year after year documents the high degree of fulfilment of the initiative's requirements, thus guaranteeing maximum transparency. As early as 2005, both HOFFMANN MINERAL GmbH and SONAX GmbH obtained the ISO 14001 certification (environment).

Environmental award from the City of Neuburg

In 2005, the City of Neuburg awarded the HOFFMANN Group of Companies with its environmental award. The main focus of this award are the merits in nature protection - particularly the activities for restoring the areas mined for siliceous earth and the creation of biotopes by HOFFMANN Mineral, which is the mother company of SONAX and the origin of the SONAX brand.

Operating Efficiency

Concepts and programs that have proved to be economical within the HOFFMANN Group of Companies are directly related to a sustainability effect. An example is our new complex system of water recycling and the use of a state-of-the-art treatment plant that has dramatically lowered the water consumption in manufacturing. Such water and energy savings in the production are linked to an increase in productivity and a cut in costs, indispensable for the enterprise group's economical basis. However, only practised environmental protection provides the future-proof basis for the economically sound development of the company. Overall, we open up the possibilities to act early and follow the right path.

Quality Management

Top product and process quality are crucial factors for success giving SONAX a head start over its competition. Many tests of independent institutions attest to the high product quality. The recognised quality management system of SONAX ensures these successful outcomes: The ISO certification by TÜV confirms the introduction and application in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001. SONAX has held this certification since 1994.

Neuburg, 10th May, 2012