How we see ourselves

We, that is SONAX GmbH, see ourselves as an innovative company that manufactures and sells chemical products and also provides services for the vehicle maintenance sector.

Range of Services

Under the trade name SONAX, we offer a highly competitive and extensive range of products for the cleaning and care of vehicles. Through highest quality, and a price policy in the upper range, we seek to establish the SONAX brand as a manufacturer and supplier of environmentally pro-active and innovative products.

Success Factors

Our clear corporate aim is the perpetual development of our BRAND POWER; CUSTOMER ORIENTATION; ADAPTABILITY and PROCESS and PRODUCT QUALITY. And through these success factors we aim to distinguish ourselves in competition, and lastingly increase our returns.

Code of Conduct

We are naturally aware of our responsibilities to the environment. This requires that our business practices and products are conducted, or maintained, in harmony with our natural resources. We constantly aim to improve customer and employee satisfaction, through customer orientation and personal responsibility. We strive for successful partnerships, of mutual benefit, with our customers and suppliers.